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260 photos of this Doors Encounter of December 2003 are online.


22 Jan. Twelve presentations now online >>

International Encounter on the theme: Local knowledge:
the design and innovation of tomorrow’s services

And ...
Celebration of the
Tenth anniversary of Doors of Perception

Editorial: Tech-push is over as a driver of innovation
A new model of innovation is needed. We need find out the emerging needs to which new technology might be an answer.
India has a lot to teach us about shared use models of communication, and new ways of using - and paying for - devices and networks.

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DoorsEast is a design and innovation network linking South Asia and Europe.
Its aims are to learn how to design services, enabled by ICT, that meet basic needs in new ways – and to share this knowledge with citizens, education, industry, and professionals. This website describes the event which took place in Bangalore in December 2003.
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Saturday 6 December 2003 frontpage news on Indian Economic Times: "the most avant garde event the IT world has ever seen - at least in India"


20 Dec. 2003
"Bangalore Debriefing" ,
summary on the outcomes of the event by John Thackara

About the organisers
short biographies

What we did in 2000
The purpose of our memorable week in Ahmedabad was to accelerate the exchange of people, knowledge and experiences among Indian and European designers and internet entrepreneurs. We wanted to know: what can western interaction designers learn from Indian design and internet culture? and, what are the prospects for future joint work between the two communities?

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